The Czech Republic has a “toothy” railroad (PHOTO)

Railway Tanvald – Kořenov in Jizera mountains, whose length is less than seven kilometers, could be called the usual route of local importance.

However, this is not so, and this line is well known not only for railway fans, but for many travellers. The fact is that with a relatively small length of 6,700 meters the train has to overcome a height difference of 235 metres, and it is truly extreme.

Tanvald – Kořenov is the railway trail with the steepest rise in Czech Republic. To help staff to master such a difficult path, there are additional gear track ride special locomotives.

Korjenevskaya “Sobachka” or “Polovinka” (as called train the way the locals) is the only cog railway in the Czech Republic, it is not surprising that it has its own Museum.

As told to the Museum and explore “historic” trips Paul Sturm, Korunovska railway was built in 1902 and became an important route, linking industrial regions of Liberec and Jablonec with the coal-mining regions of Silesia. Here in Kořenov, passengers could travel to Harrachov and later in Poland – first locomotives and then diesel locomotives. From here, they went and freight trains.

The Museum presents the first toothed rail, and special wheel locomotives and diesel locomotives, which provided freight and passenger traffic on this line. Usually the passengers can’t see these jagged rails, because at the station they are not, they are installed only in places with the most steep. At the train station in Kořenov, which was once a border point is a restored historic depot. But it is all working.

– Gear of locomotives of type T426, known as “the Austrian,” we have two, and on the highway they go for almost half a century, since 1961. Of course, locomotives have their flaws, they’re old, but we try to keep them in excellent condition. Due to the fact that our depot was fully renovated, and work with engines much easier. So we continue to ride, and both locomotive Т426 are in working condition, says Paul Sturm.