The Czech Republic provided Ukraine with 5 million kroner to prevent COVID-19 to hospitals

Чехия выделила Украине 5 млн. крон на предотвращение COVID-19 в больницах

The Czech government approved a program of assistance to MEDEVAC for a number of countries that need support, including related Ukraine.

“The Czech Republic will provide 5 million euros (about 5,5 million UAH – ed.) assistance in the provision of orthopaedic and rehabilitation services in Mali, the system of providing reconstructive surgery to refugees and other vulnerable people in Lebanon, as well as to improve health and prevent the spread COVID-19 medical institutions in Ukraine”, – stated in the message.

The priorities of the programme MEDEVAC – the direction of doctors abroad and at the same time the development of medical infrastructure on the ground. This method of support is the best, especially in cases when it is impossible to send the Czech medical team, for example, security considerations in the country of destination, said the interior Ministry of the Czech Republic.

In addition to the 15 million kronor, the government approved the proposal of the Ministry of internal Affairs to provide donations for a total amount of 72 million euros through the program of assistance – the Balkan region and MENA region (middle East and North Africa). In particular, 27 million CZK is designed to support the migration system in Greece, 20 million – to support access to asylum procedures and integration measures during a pandemic in Serbia. The Czech Republic will support 15 million kroner in common with Denmark the project to support the capacity of asylum and the expansion of cooperation in the migration route of the Central and Western Mediterranean, and another 10 million kronor to support the Syrian refugees in Lebanon, affected by coronavirus crisis.

The amount approved Monday, June 29, is 87 million kroner. Total for direct aid reserved this year is 189 million kroons.

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