The date of the announcement of the game The Last of Us Part II accidentally revealed: details

Дату анонса игры The Last of Us Part II случайно раскрыли: детали

Sony and all the studios missed the biggest gaming Expo E3 2019, and therefore the majority of the most anticipated projects for the PlayStation are still without release date. Among them were The Last of Us Part II – the sequel project 2013.

However, fans of Naughty Dog can be calm, because the action will be released soon. This information has unveiled one of the most influential industry insiders and actress voice acting of the game that let it slip.

What is known about the first leak? Ashley Johnson, who gave voice the crowd favorite ally, visited the show Between the Sheets where, among other things, discussed his work on TLoU Part II with leading Brian and foster.

Interview with Ashley Johnson – see the video

At one point (1:07:20) showman half-jokingly asked, but when will the next blockbuster, and the actress without a second thought began to speak, “In February …”, but the interviewer did not let her finish a sentence. However, this is more than enough to understand that the release of Part II is scheduled for February.

The second leak. Regarding the year, then it is the public helped define Jason Schreier, a respected journalist and the chief insider of the industry.

Game trailer The Last of Us Part II – watch videos

In his Twitter he wrote that the second release The Last of Us was originally planned for the fall of 2019, but in connection with the November release of the Stranding Death of the genius Hideo Kojima decided to move to the beginning of next year.

When I imagine The Last of Us Part II? Comparing these facts, it is easy to see that the new adventures of Ellie and Joel gamers will see in February 2020. However, we must understand that it’s not confirmed and things can change.

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