The day of defender of Ukraine 2018: events in Kiev and other cities

День захисника України 2018: заходи у Києві та інших містах

The defender of Ukraine day in 2018 falls on a Sunday. On 14 October in Kyiv, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine planned a number of festive events.

The day of defender of Ukraine: events in Kiev

The day of defender of Ukraine in the capital began to be celebrated in early October. On the Independence Maidan on October 2, an exhibition devoted to the Day of defender of Ukraine.

Programme of events in Kiev:

  • October 12, 10:00 – solemn ceremony of laying flowers to the tomb of the Unknown soldier.
  • 12 Oct, 17:00, KSCA – a ceremony to the Day of defender of Ukraine – “Invite me to the war”, organized by the Ministry of information policy.
  • 13-15 October, St. Michael’s square – the exhibition of samples of weapons, military equipment, logistical means.
  • 13 Oct, 12:00, Park. Taras Shevchenko – the opening of the festival “History of UA”. The festival will feature presentations, lectures by famous historians, book fairs, children’s Playground, where he will work and “field post office”, as well as a concert of Ukrainian stars and laser show. Lecture events and presentations during the festival will be held in the classrooms of the faculty of history of KNU. Shevchenko (Red building) and the other part of the activities in the Park. Shevchenko.
  • October 13, 12:00-23:00, Park them. Taras Shevchenko – Patriotic educational event “Meet the day of defender of Ukraine together.”
  • 13 October, 13:00-16:00, “Singing field” – a festive concert program “Courageous and steadfast” with the participation of art Amateur groups. In the concert program – works of Ukrainian classics Patriotic, Cossack, Streltsy and Ukrainian folk songs, vocal pieces performed by soloists and dance numbers.
  • 14 October, 12:00-14:30, vul. Khreshchatyk, 36, near the building of Kiev city Council– citywide holiday event to the Day of defender of Ukraine.
  • 14 October, 16:00, gathering at the monument to Shevchenko – the Ukrainian insurgent army March under the slogan “bring Back Ukraine to Ukrainians.” The March will begin at the street in Vladimir and will take place at the Shevchenko Boulevard and Khreshchatyk street to European square, where there will be a solemn meeting and festive concert of the band “DOWN”.
  • 14 October, 18:00-21:00, sports Palace – public-art event “They swore an oath of peace and freedom”.

The day of the defender of Ukraine in Lviv

  • 13 October, 15:00-16:00, vul. Korolenko, 1 – sanctification of the “House of the warrior”.
  • 13 October, 16:00 -18:00 – meeting of the brothers in the courtyard of the Lviv regional state administration.
  • October 14, 7:00-12:00 – prayer service for Ukraine in all churches of the region.
  • October 14, 9:00-10:00, garrison Church of Saint apostles Peter and Paul of the UGCC , prayer for Ukraine and its defenders.
  • October 14, 11:00-11:45, Lychakiv cemetery – the burial of warriors at the Memorial to the unknown warriors Lychakiv cemetery.
  • October 14, 11:50 -12:35, Lychakiv cemetery – prayer for the fallen defenders of Ukraine.
  • 14 Oct, 12:00, square in front of the monument to Taras Shevchenko – the exhibition of military equipment and weapons.
  • 14 October, 14:00-15:30 – preparation of the solemn oath of the students of the Lviv state Lyceum with intensive military and physical training of a name of Heroes of Kruty.
  • 14 Oct, 14:00, Liberty Avenue – “March of the defenders of Ukraine”. It will involve 1,200 troops from the entire region, and the streets will pass 55 pieces of military equipment.
  • 14 October, 16:00-17:00, Kleparovskaya, 30A , raising the blue-yellow and red-black flags, holding an art event on the square near the monument to soldiers who gave their lives for their country.
  • 14 October, 16:00-17:00, Park “shafts” (vul. Vinnichenko, 16-18) – theatrical military-historical event “Battle of UPA against German “Wehrmacht” and units of the NKVD of the USSR”.

The day of defender of Ukraine in the Dnieper river

  • On October 13-15, the area near the Museum ATO – exhibition of military equipment provided is OK “Vostok” and the SSES. The event will operate field kitchens and everyone will be able to visit the Museum of the ATO, the admission is free.
  • October 14, 8:45, Avenue of remembrance – the laying of flowers by the region’s leadership and representatives of the families of fallen soldiers of the East.
  • October 14, 9:40, Dneprova – hotpockets military March. It will be joined by cadets of Academy of internal Affairs, police, military, veterans, families of the victims a total of up to two thousand participants. Veterans held under the flags of those divisions in which they took part in the East. Participants will pass the memory lane and move on the Central streets of the city to the Museum of the ATO.
  • October 14, 11:00, rinsing at the Museum of the ATO – rewarding the Heroes and the memorial service for the victims. Then the laureates of the festival “Songs born in the ATO”.
  • 14 Oct, 18:00, the area near Dneprovka – the big concert. Scheduled performances of participants of festival of military songs, the group’s “Engagement on Tuesday,” and the popular singer Alyosha. On site is a field kitchen with Cossack Kulesh and tea.

The day of defender of Ukraine in Kharkov

  • 14 Oct, 16:00, Constitution square – the March of the Ukrainian valor, organized by “Right sector” and other nationalist organizations.
  • 14 Oct, 14:00, Youth Park, next to pam, atmo sign UPA – celebrations, honoring the heroes of independent Ukraine.
  • 14 Oct, 18:30, Kharkiv regional Philharmonic society screening of the film “For whom the bell tolls” and organ concert. The entrance fee is 20 UAH. All funds raised will go to the wounded in a military hospital.
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