The day of dignity and freedom: TOP 5 films about Euromaidan

November 21, 2013 forever changed the history of the Ukrainian present. This day first began peaceful protests for European integration. Hundreds of people, and over time, all conscious nation, rebelled against the current regime of the President-the fugitive hoping to change government for the better.

Euromaidan is a significant event for Ukrainians. Its beginning was marked by the desire to create a truly European country without corruption, lies and political games. Society has taken the first step to Europe and showed the determination of their intentions. Unfortunately, the Ukrainians paid for independence a great price…

The events of the revolution of Dignity has brought together not only the nation, but also artists. Musicians, inspired by the Maidan, recorded a number of songs and writers, one after the other he published his books in which he covered the events through the prism of their own perception. Not paid attention to the influence of the revolution of Dignity and the film industry. Ukrainian films, not previously known for a popularity abroad, has now collected a standing ovation at the world premiere. Therefore the world of Ukrainian cinema has replenished with a popular genre – documentary.

1. “Winter in the fire: the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine”

The documentary became an Israelite Eugene Afineevsky, at the invitation of his friend came to Kiev in the midst of the revolution of dignity. Together with 28 operators male for 93 days interviewed activists, doctors, famous artists, priests. The film was reproduced not only the historical events of the Euromaidan, but the opinion and mood of people of different generations, social and political statuses.

The movie debuted at the Venice film festival September 3, 2015. After the publication of the documentary film received positive reviews from critics and won the audience award at the International festival in Toronto and was nominated for the award “Oscar”.

“Winter in the fire: Ukraine’s struggle for freedom”: watch the trailer for the film online

2. “All things ablaze”

The film was made by newcomers in the film industry – Alexander Techinsky, Alexei and Dmitry Solodunova Stoykova. The three Directors to its reconstituted opposition activists on Euromaidan. The documentary shows how the peaceful protest in Kiev turned into a bloody clash.

This film is not about the revolution that changed Ukraine. Not all about her. Rather, it shows a universal pattern of particular kind of uprisings – those that end in bloodshed,
– said the filmmakers.

The film brought recognition to the Directors. In particular, at the festival DOK Leipzig in Germany of Ukrainians recognized as the best East European documentary film.

“All is burning”: a short video for the film

3. “Winter that changed us”

Documentary series from channel “1+1” consists of 7 parts. The authors tried to gather all the footage of events on the Maidan and in full to recreate the Revolution of Dignity. In the film we are talking about the death of Sergei Nigoyan and hundreds of Heaven, about the fighting on Hrushevsky street, a fire in the House of trade unions, the Automaidan and the residence of Yanukovych.

“This is the story of those who died for freedom and for their own state. It is still unknown how many people actually enter into the Heavenly hundred”… not only those killed in the centre of the Ukrainian capital in late February. It is also all those who opposed the regime in different parts of the country and then went missing or were tortured at the outset of the Euromaidan”, – said the authors of the project.

“Winter that changed us”: the announcement of the series of films

4. “Female face of the revolution”

Film Director Natalia Pathenol recreates the fate of women against the backdrop of the revolution of Dignity. In the documentary included the stories of 5 women, Ukrainian women are not familiar with each other, but they share one thing – the Euromaidan.

It is the mother who raised her son, and brought up the Hero of the Heavenly Hundreds. A wife who stood on the firing line side by side with her husband. The girl who fell in love with a simple guy, and has lost a hero. The woman who turned into a warrior. The mother, who was with his son on different sides of the barricades
– said in the announcement of the film.

“Female face of the revolution” see the trailer for the film online

5. “Euromaidan. Rough cut”

This collection of short films by young Directors. Each of the authors in particular covered the events on Maidan, showing a different side of the revolution of Dignity.

This is a film about three months of the revolution from indignant protest to national unity, from pots on their heads to batons and body armor. From the euphoria of victory to the mourning of the victims of the Heavenly Hundred. Revolution as an explosion of revived dignity, as the euphoria of freedom, as the pain of awareness price, as the birth of the modern history of Ukraine,
– stated in the message of the film.

The film was shown in Switzerland, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Canada, Sweden and even in Russia. At the festival in the Czech town of Jihlava, the film was awarded “Silver eye”.

“Euromaidan: Rough cut” film: watch the trailer for the film online

EUROMAIDAN. ROUGH CUT trailer from Roman Bondarchuk on Vimeo.