The day of memory of Onesimus Owczarnia: history and signs 28 Feb

День памяти Онисима Овчарника: история и приметы 28 февраля

February 28 (February 15 – old style), Orthodox Christians revere the memory of the Apostle Onesimus. He was a servant of Philemon – Christian of distinguished lineage, living in the city of Colossae, writes News.

This day of remembrance called:

  • “Onesimus Ovcharik”,
  • “Samobor”,
  • “Ovcharitsa”.

But apart from this occasion on 28 February there was a lot more interesting – read our article – holidays 28 Feb to be aware of.

The history of the holiday

Fate gave Onesimus a meeting with the Apostle Paul, when he was still quite young. After that, the young man accepted the Christian faith and was freed from slavery. Becoming free, Onesimus devoted himself to the service of the apostles, and eventually began to preach. Already in his old age he became Bishop of the city of Ephesus. 109 year during the reign of Emperor Trajan, St. Onesimus was arrested. His tortured for a long time before sentenced to death for a steady confession of the Christian faith.

Traditions and rituals on the day of Onesimus

In Russia Onesimus was considered the protector of sheep. On the Day of his memory shepherds “called” stars: they believe that they can help sheep to produce healthy and large litter. And did it so. In the evening the villagers went to the courtyard and on all four sides put three bow. Took fleece and made a conspiracy: “Glows, star clear, joy to the world baptised. You lighten up, star clear, flame belonovich sheep. As the sky stars innumerable, it would freak the sheep more.”

28 Feb not only shepherds were carried out rites to the next year was safe. People collected in barns of different seeds, exposed them to three of the dawn in the cold and laid to the planting. On this occasion, said: “in February the call, so the fall will echo.”

Needlewoman, finishing spinning, choosing the best ball, and carried it out in the morning to the yard. Women believed that the whole year yarn will be pure and strong, and the custom was called “thornit yarn”.

On Onesimus often wondered. Healers did “shorten” the long tongues of gossip – spoke people from zloyazykie; and also to the spouses. who loved to beat his wife. It was believed that the “shortened” on Anisimov day will protect a woman from battering for the entire year.

Signs 28 Feb

  • What is the weather Onesimus, and this September will be;
  • East wind to the sandy storms in the summer;
  • If in this day a lot of water on the roads and the snow has almost melted, the hay will be good;
  • Scarlet sunset – to snowstorms;
  • The abundance of stars in the sky promises offspring strong and healthy lambs;
  • The sky is bright and the full moon – to cold;
  • Foxes bark in the distance to the snowfall.


  • Alex;
  • Efrosinya;
  • Ivan;
  • Michael;
  • Nicholas;
  • Onesimus;
  • Peter;
  • Semen;
  • Sophia.