The day of the doctor is dedicated. The surgeon said that from the bodies of patients get had

Дню медика посвящается. Хирург рассказал, что из тел пациентов доставать приходилось

On Sunday, Ukraine will celebrate the Day of medical worker. On the eve of the professional holiday RIA Melitopol spoke with one of the young Melitopol doctors. They openly admitted why he decided to devote himself to medicine, and explained how to not only save, but also organize the fate of their patients.

Jaroslaw Misevich only 28 years old, and he’s already head of the surgical Department of the medical diagnostic center TMO and almost three years practicing surgeon. Than doctors surprise patients, he told RIA Melitopol.

Profession Yaroslav is not dynasty, he was born and he grew up in a family of teachers. However, since childhood, been doing home massages and lotions, wielded toy doctor sets, and after finishing school decided that it would be to heal people.

In College Yaroslav met his future wife, who after graduation became a family doctor. For some time the family had to live separately: the distribution of the wife of Yaroslav Misevich worked for three years in the village, until he did an internship at Zaporozhye and Melitopol. A young doctor admits that this time it was savoury. The separation is now behind us and the couple raise their two young daughters.

Student years are remembered Yaroslav Misevich healthy skepticism. In the hot time of examinations the students were near the dissected corpse to eat pizza and drink coffee.

The pleasure of the results of its work, the surgeon receives daily. And the best operations refers to those that bring relief to patients and increase their quality of life.

Curious cases in the practice of a young doctor too. Why not just have to extract Yaroslav and his colleagues of the patients – ranging from bullets to giant sexy toys.

Jaroslav Misevich smiles: in addition to patients, he has yet to practice “telemedicine” – his smartphone is full of various pictures of family and friends, and it’s not always their faces. From all over Ukraine, they send the doctor pictures of their body parts that, in their opinion, should be treated. It happens that a young doctor and he notices some of the disease from friends and remotely sends to doctors and then gets appreciation for helping to detect the disease.

For those who want to link their fate with medicine, Yaroslav Misevich advises to go into the profession only if there is a willingness to work with dedication for the result, often to the detriment of yourself and your family. According to the doctor, in the Melitopol city hospital every year just in hospital beds propeciaus at least 13 thousand patients. And so be a doctor only by calling.

To be continued…