The day of the Mother of God “Merciful” November 25: what should not be done and what to pay attention

День иконы Божьей Матери "Милостивая" 25 ноября: чего категорически нельзя делать и на что обратить внимание

The twenty-fifth of November is one of the most important religious holidays of autumn, which is dedicated to the icon of the Mother of God, called “Merciful”.

The accents remind you that on this day, Christians celebrate the day of the Mother of God “Merciful”, and also bring all relevant to this day believe and signs.

The icon of the Mother of God, called “Merciful,” according to ancient tradition, was written by the Apostle Luke. Initially she was transferred to Egypt, but in X century, after another wave of persecution of Christians brought to Constantinople. There the icon was kept till XII century, and then arrived in the city the ruler of Cyprus, who asked it of the Emperor for the monastery in Kykkos. The Emperor agreed, bringing his wife and daughter had miraculously recovered from a severe illness. However, then he decided to change his mind, after which he fell ill. In the dream, the Emperor was the mother of God, asked to agree to the proposal of the Governor of Cyprus. Then the Emperor left the city an exact copy of the icon, and she found a final refuge in the Greek monastery.

It is believed that the icon if front of her to pray, will protect from any dangers and will cure even the most severe ailments, even infertility and paralysis. The icon protects against drought and sorrow, brings peace and home – comfort and well-being.