The day of Ukrainian writing 2018: facts about Ukrainian language

День української писемності 2018: факти про українську мову

To the day of Ukrainian writing and language of the channel 24 has prepared interesting facts about our Nightingale, who should know everyone.

Language and numbers

Won’t bore you with statistics, but important facts about language will tell. In particular, the modern Ukrainian language has about 256 thousand words.

A lexical content is the closest to our language is Belarusian (84%), followed by Polish (70%) and Serbian (68%) of the language. Russian not in the top three – only the fourth place (62%).

If you compare the phonetics and grammar, the Ukrainian has from 22 to 29 in common with Belarusian, Czech, Slovak and Polish, but Russian – only 11.

I should add that to other neighboring Slavic languages influenced Ukrainian. For example, words such as “hopak”, “Cossack”, “the steppe”, “Pandora”, “soup”, available in many languages.

The noun in Ukrainian language has 7 cases and one of them is kliknij. It distinguishes our language from other East Slavic languages.

Word 30 letters

The longest word in the Ukrainian language is the word “dichlordifenyltrichlormetylmethane”. It is the chemical by which are struggling with pests.

This word has 30 letters in one breath and can’t pronounce.

День української писемності 2018: факти про українську мову

And about the Champions

More of our words begin with the letter “p”and is most often used in. But the letters “f” and “g” are used less often. After all, words with the letter “f” are mostly borrowed.

Russian language extremely rich in synonyms. The greatest number of synonyms is the word “beat”. According to the dictionary, more than 40.

It is also interesting that a lot of values is the abbreviation PC. Usually this abbreviation is associated with a personal computer. But also the PC can be thought of as a “Palace of culture”, “steam crane”, “punch card”, “pistol”, “object catalogue”, “Air code”, “fire hydrant”, “the standing Committee”, “beam tube”, “intermediate condenser”, “roadheader”, “spinning and twisting (machine)” and many others.

“Mirror of words”

In our language there are unusual words are palindromes. The word or phrase that can be read both left to right and right to left. In Ukrainian language there are only two palindromes, which consist of seven letters: “rotator” and “tartrate”.

Palindromes even write poetry, and also created various games in which the point is simple – be more “mirror-like” phrases.

Our colors around the world

The Ukrainian language has “semi-official” status in the U.S. cook County. So, in 2013, the County presented a new Russian-language program on informing the population of the region about the tax policy of the government. You might think that’s such a big deal, but the Ukrainian language was chosen because it is one of the most widely used languages in the area.

In the world 45 million people speak Ukrainian. An impressive figure, right? We can multiply this number. And to start it can everyone is only more to speak Ukrainian at work and at home, to read Ukrainian books and watch movies.

If you know interesting facts about Ukrainian language, write them in the comments.

On the Day of Ukrainian writing and language remember the basic rules:


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