The day of Ukrainian writing and language of the 2018 date, the history of the holiday

День української писемності та мови 2018: дата, історія свята

The day of Ukrainian writing and language is celebrated on 9 November for 21 years in a row. According to the Orthodox calendar is the day of commemoration of Saint Nestor the chronicler.

The holiday was established by President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in November 1997. According to his decree, the celebration of the Day of Ukrainian writing and language is annually held on November 9 day of Ukrainian memory of Saint Nestor the Chronicler. He – the writer-hagiographer, founder of ancient historiography, the first historian of Kievan Rus, a thinker, a scientist, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. The researchers believe that with the monk Nestor the chronicler begins Ukrainian written language. He is the author of such famous works: “the Tale of bygone years”, “the life of the saints princes Boris and Gleb,” “Life of Feodosiy Pechersky”.

Every year, the Day of Ukrainian writing and language can be seen laying flowers to the monument to Nestor the Chronicler. Also awarding the best Ukrainian writers and popularizers of the Ukrainian word, and publishing houses that produce literature in the Ukrainian language. Traditionally on this day all Ukrainians are invited to write to the dictation of Ukrainian national unity and to test your knowledge.

The channel 24 on the occasion of offers to remind you of the basic rules of the Ukrainian language.

  • When it comes to your participation in the competition, they should say “participate”because “to take part” – tracing.
  • Remember the word “please” is always written separately. We do not need any hyphens.
  • Correct to say “during the day”. The word “for” means to make a sharp puff of air blows into the cracks.
  • Exam only “make”, the word “surrender” is used in other cases. For example – to surrender the documents.
  • The building and other can be “located”, not “to be”, because they are unable themselves to “find”.

Rules of the Ukrainian language: watch the video


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