The death of a close friend affects the health of 4 years

Смерть близкого друга негативно влияет на здоровье 4 года

Psychological trauma caused by the death of a close friend, lasts 4 times longer than previously assumed. To such conclusion scientists from Australia.

Australian researchers have established that the death of a close friend significantly affects physical, psychological and social well-being for at least 4 years. The results of the study showed that the death of a close friend causes psychological trauma, the effects of which last 4 times longer than estimated in previous studies. Previously, it was assumed that the negative consequences for the psyche after the death of a close friend a person faces in the course of the year.

A wrong estimation of the exposure time, this injury leads to inadequate support received by people who have lost a dear friend. Observations have shown that such people face a significant decline in physical, mental and emotional health, and social life. This means that people are reducing the circle of friends, rarely go out to meeting with friends and tend to spend more time alone at sad thoughts.

This study was focused on the emotional and physiological consequences after leaving the life of a close friend. However, for a long period of mourning observed in other cases. For example, when the life leave close relatives, spouses and even Pets. In most cases, lost their people need continuous and systematic psychological support.