The death of a woman and baby on culture: what is known about the deceased

Смерть женщины и младенца на культуры: что известно о погибшей

Kharkov Jan N., which yesterday, June 1, died in a fall from the window of the 19th floor of a house on a street Culture that died today with a six-month son, was a lawyer and practiced family law. This writes the NewsRoom. According to the publication, in 2006 she defended her thesis at the National law Academy named after Yaroslav the Wise, then worked as a teacher. The last time the deceased worked with a private law firm.

The police said that the woman who was killed along with 6-month-old son, did not leave a suicide note. Traces of violent death on the body not. Her husband, who was at home, learned about the incident from the police.

Recall that in fact the incident opened two criminal production under article 115 (“murder”) with a note “suicide” and the death of a child under article 115 (“murder of the juvenile child”) criminal code of Ukraine.