The death of comrade Gritsenko, the widow was struck by recognition: “Say two words at once…”

Смерть соратника Гриценко, вдова поразила признанием: «Сказал два слова и сразу...»

The man died from swelling of the brain after he was severely beaten by a police officer

The death of a colleague Anatoly Gritsenko, Vinnytsa businessman Alexander Komarnitsky shocked the whole town.

People held at the end of 12 days and died. Widow Komarnitsky does not believe that her husband could be a conflict with the police. “I’m sure that there was no conflict with my husband’s side. He’s friendly, wise, always went to help. Non-confrontational, non-aggressive — first of all, in between there was not even a conflict. He said two words, and immediately hit Sasha. And the husband I have not used profanity,” said Komarnicki edition UKRINFORM.

Les Komarnicki configured through the courts to claim compensation for moral damage that was caused to the family.

All the time that her husband was in a medical facility, he never regained consciousness. On the weekends he abruptly became worse. Doctors called the cause of death of a businessman, severe swelling of the brain, which arose on the background of traumatic brain injury. Alexander was beaten in conflict with the law, they say, said two words and started beating him.

“We filed some complaints,” said the widow of comrade Gritsenko. What kind of statement she did not explain, but said that he was going to sue the police and claim compensation of moral damage.

Also grief-stricken woman said that doesn’t know when will be able to bring the body back to the earth: “Waiting for the court decision when you give permission for the forensic examination”.

Les Komarnicki outraged by the measure, which was elected on a police officer, a suspect in the beating of Alexander, – – house arrest. According to women, he just “made a holiday.”

Note that the fatal accident occurred late on June 11. Police officer brutally beat a member of the party “Civil position,” Alexander Komarnicki, was urgently hospitalized in the hospital in critical condition.

The victim discovered a skull fracture, and 12 days he was in a coma. Police claim that Komarnicki was asked to be understood, however, he allegedly refused in a rude manner and he provoked a conflict situation. Party leader Anatoly Gritsenko the version of law enforcement denies.

On the fact of beating of comrade Gritsenko was initiated criminal proceedings under article 128 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, and also assigned to the investigation.

Смерть соратника Гриценко, вдова поразила признанием: «Сказал два слова и сразу...»

Смерть соратника Гриценко, вдова поразила признанием: «Сказал два слова и сразу...»