The death of George Floyd: the Court appointed a former police Sovena million bail

Гибель Джорджа Флойда: Суд назначил экс-полицейскому Шовену миллионный залог

The former police officer of Minneapolis Derek Chauvin, who was accused of the murder of George Floyd was arrested with the right to bail, reports CNBC.

Court of Hennepin County (Minnesota, USA) has satisfied the petition of protection of the accused and was allowed to release him from custody, setting bail at 1 million dollars. According to the court, after bail of suture will be required to participate in court proceedings, to take personal weapons, ammunition and a permit for it, and not to work in the police and security agencies to complete the process.

If you make 1 million 250 thousand dollars bail, Sovena can release without conditions, with the exception of the obligation to appear in court on call.

Note that the average annual salary of a police officer in the USA is about 60 thousand dollars.

Derek suture participated in the meeting via video conference. The next is scheduled for June 29.