The death of Keith flint: the band The Prodigy reached out to fans

Смерть Кита Флинта: участники группы The Prodigy обратились к поклонникам

Relatives of the musician Keith flint preparing for the farewell ceremony, which is scheduled for March 29. At the same time members of the band The Prodigy have invited supporters to join the ceremony and to spend his idol on his last journey.

The announcement musicians posted on the official Twitter page. The ceremony of farewell with Keith flint will be opened only for immediate family and friends, but all will be played through speakers installed outside. In addition, members of The Prodigy have invited supporters to join a funeral procession and conduct of the artist on his last journey.

Invite fans to line up along the route of the procession, which starts at 15:00 on Friday, March 29, in Braintree (Essex) to celebrate the passing applause of the whale,
– written by musicians, adding to the message a map with the route.

The Prodigy singer Keith flint died on the morning of 4 March. His body was found at his home in the North End in the County of Essex. At the time of death of the famous musician was 49 years old.

According to the police spokesman Lindsay Chaffee, a local hospital conducted a preliminary examination. Subsequently, the doctors released the official cause of death was asphyxia. Therefore, it is proved that Keith flint had committed suicide and hung himself in his estate.

What is known about the death of Keith flint: watch the video