The death of the Marines in the Donbass: Kiev is proposed to launch a “retaliatory strike”

Гибель морпехов на Донбассе: в Киеве предложили нанести ''ответный удар''

After the attack of terrorists near Pavlopol in the Donbass, which killed four Ukrainian Marines of Ukraine had to withdraw from the Minsk process.

This opinion was expressed on air ObozTV the representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the Trilateral contact group on the Donbas Immortal novel.

“My position was. After the events of the near Pavlopol need to be clear: until until Channel four, Ukraine is suspending its participation in the Minsk process,” said the Immortal.

He said that the official position of Kiev will be announced on 21 August, when will the next round of talks in Minsk.

“But Ukraine needs to act now. Therefore, appropriate steps are being developed. We are talking about how to work as a full-time, and on contingencies that arise as a result of violation of agreements”, – said the diplomat.

From the point of view of Immortals, after the situation near Pavlopolya Ukrainian forces had to immediately strike back “at a pre-shoot targets”.

“As for the situation on the Village of Lugansk, after that incident in Pavlopole had to immediately close all PPC, stop using them, the transition of people and transportation of any goods, because anything could happen in this situation”, – he added.

Immortal said that he advocates for a strong response to any violations of the truce by terrorists.

When there is shooting from the other side – you need to answer, to respond harshly. And properly. That no one was povadno to violate the agreements. For this you need to use the full range of measures – military, military, economical, social, humanitarian… whatever tools we must use to stop the enemy from this kind of violation of agreements”, – says member of the negotiating group on Donbass.

In the words of the Immortal, for him personally the Minsk agreements ended on January 1, 2016.

With regard to the claim of Russian President Vladimir Putin to provide so-called “L/DNR”, “special status”, the Immortal said: “Any changes to the Ukrainian Constitution at the request of some separatists, collaborators one will not do. Point”.

  • 6 August (during another truce is declared) terrorists “L/DNR” near Pavlopol killed four Ukrainian soldiers, cowardly firing position of the United forces in the Donbas.
  • The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky responded to the tragedy, and urged the Russian leader Vladimir Putin for urgent talks.
  • On the morning of 7 August Zelensky spoke with Putin by phone and urged him to influence the terrorists “L/DNR”, so they stopped the killing of Ukrainian servicemen and civilians.
  • Roman Bessmertny did not rule out that because of the violation of the truce can be held an extraordinary meeting of the trilateral contact group in Minsk.

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