The death toll in the mine in the “LC” has grown to 6 – a representative of the Ombudsman

Число погибших на шахте в «ЛНР» выросла до 6 - представитель омбудсмена

Rescuers found a sixth body on mine “Shinkaron” in Yur’ivka on the occupied Luhansk.

This was announced by the representative of the Ombudsman in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions Pavel Lisyansky, transfers gromadske.

“Today I know that on the surface of the raised bodies of five victims, and in General found six bodies. Now continues mountain rescue work,” he said.

According to Lysenko, the mine exploded methane gas.

“It led to the release of coal and rock that blocked the miners. According to my information, to the epicenter of the explosion rescuers still have not reached. Was violated safety – no work, no accumulation of methane gas. It is a very costly job, so the owner of the mine had to switch people for the extraction of coal in such work, and the owners of the mines is not always beneficial, because when miners extract the coal – it’s their money, and when they are engaged in the protection of labour, then of course the extraction of coal,” – said the representative of the Ombudsman.

We will remind that on mine “Shinkaron” in the village of yurivka in the occupied territory of Luhansk region, on the morning of 25 April, an explosion occurred.