“The deaths and attacks”: renowned psychiatrist turned to Zelensky

"Смерти и нападения": известный психиатр обратился к Зеленскому

Renowned doctor, winner of several international awards, member of the American Psychiatric Association Semyon Gluzman complained to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky for “reforming” mental health system launched by Ulyana Suprun.

“Head doctors of psychiatric hospitals these days are getting strict instructions to get rid of patients its state is not in need of hospital treatment. There are in our hospitals, about 30%. The implementation of this guidance will inevitably make each of the chief physician of a criminal. Because our psychiatric boarding of the Soviet sample is overloaded and cannot accept additional clients in need of social assistance – shelter, food and a modicum of medical support,” wrote Semyon Gluzman in an open letter Zelensky and put it on display on his Facebook page.

Gluzman said that Ukraine “is still very important and not expensive at link community-acquired and oneinternational support mentally ill citizens.”

“Stress: it’s not expensive!”, he said.

According to the doctor, as a result of such policies, the country offers not only the death of the mentally ill people on the streets and squares, but due to chronic hunger attacks more prosperous Ukrainian citizens for the purpose of robbery.

“I can clearly see what is not yet understood by most of our countrymen: we are in a state of undeclared creeping privatisation of the entire health care system in the country. Unlike you, I know the names of all these guardians of “optimization” and their advisors,” said Gluzman.

Semyon Gluzman convinced the collapsing Ukrainian economy in dire need of the same as medicine in a fair, intelligent and effective leadership.

“The feverish search of money for the budget through privatization of medical institutions will not save any of Mr Goncharuk, Mr. Milovanova. In the same way as you, the President of Ukraine with the extraordinary, never-seen-before is not constitutionally defined powers,” he said.

In summary, Semyon Gluzman asked Zelensky “to show, finally, his solid character.”

According to the materials: today.ua