The debate Zelensky and Poroshenko: how many people came to “Olympic”

Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: сколько людей пришло на "Олимпийский"

On the debate of the presidential candidates Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky, which took place on 19 April at the NSC “Olympic”, came 22 thousand spectators. Security at the stadium was provided by almost 10 thousand militiamen.

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine said that as of 19 o’clock, when the discussion began, the situation was calm and controlled.

The debate about which so long spoke and which are so prepared was held. Today the stadium was attended by 22 thousand citizens and 10 thousand militiamen. I would like to note with satisfaction that the personnel of the National police, the National guard, divisions of gschs with the tasks handled,

– said the first Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Sergey Spring.

Earlier it was expected that the debate will come to 60 thousand people.

“Olympic” on the eve of the debate Zelensky and Poroshenko

Police carried out strict checking everyone to the stadium that they are unable to carry dangerous items or go in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Therefore, not everyone could get to the stadium.

“Someone was with forbidden things that pose a threat to humans. It was not massively. People just forgot to put these items. And some were tipsy. Now the detainees in police stations there,” – said the head of national police Sergey Knyazev.

How was the debate Poroshenko and Zelensky?

The debate began on the Olympic stadium in Kiev on 19 April at 19 o’clock and lasted 60 minutes. Leading steel Elena frolyak from the headquarters and Zelensky Andrey Kulikov from the headquarters of Poroshenko. The stadium was equipped with two scenes for each of the candidates, but the head of state came on stage to his rival after the national anthem. Then the candidates began to ask each other questions and answer them. During the discussion they did not keep emotions and encouraged each other a lot of charges.

Zelensky the results of the draw first appealed to Ukrainians. He said that he voted for Poroshenko in 2014, but I was mistaken, because the current President has not fulfilled his campaign promises and has not justified the hopes assigned to him the Ukrainians.

Poroshenko, in turn, stressed that Zelensky will be a weak President and will not be able to resist at risk of return of Ukraine to Russia is the aggressor. Therefore, for the state, there are big risks.

The debate on the “Olympic” cost 6-8 million. This amount is equally paid to the electoral funds of presidential candidates.

How was the debate Zelensky and Poroshenko: video

The debate Zelensky and Poroshenko: the full video



Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: сколько людей пришло на "Олимпийский"

Дебаты Зеленского и Порошенко: сколько людей пришло на "Олимпийский"