The deceased before conception men a son was born in the UK

Sperm extracted from corpse crashed in the accident, men with the consent of his parents. The doctor performed IVF and 9 months later a baby boy was born.

У умершего до зачатия мужчины родился сын в Великобритании

50-year-old parents could not come to terms with the loss of their only son and heir to a fortune. The matter was complicated by the fact that the guy only found 2 days after his death. But the money and modern medicine can work wonders. The urologist removed from the body of the embryos and froze them. A year later, the family found Dr. Jeffrey canyon in California. He was delivered to the samples, and the doctor fertilized 4 eggs. Then there was found a surrogate mother to the future heir of the deceased men. The operation was performed the IVF and after the required 9 months on light there was a boy. Moreover, the male embryo has been specially selected by Dr. Smotrich.

The public is not left without attention of this event. The sperm is collected without the knowledge of the donor is considered to be illegal (it would be strange to obtain the consent of the deceased). Yes, and the procedure of sex selection was a priori God’s fate. But the parents claim that the guy really wanted to have children. But the procedure of sex selection in California does not fall under legal liability, unlike the UK. Doctor Smotrich believes that committed ethically permitted operation and helped the family to find an heir.

British society was discussing this event with considerable interest. The question was not only legal and ethical side. Joined the case of the transgender and gay. Because the desire to have children has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Some were on the side of the parents, others wanted to allow this kind of to himself. Most importantly, developing genetics allows you to create amazing events that will surely change the world in the future.

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