“The decision in this task is”. Rozhkova told how to finish the house in the “Arcade”

"Решение в этой задаче есть". Рожкова рассказала, как достроить дома "Аркады"

It is necessary to attract state agencies to amend the law.

To build residential complexes in the Bank “arcade” is possible thanks to the participation of government agencies. The national Bank deals with this issue in 2016. Below such problems did not arise in the future, it is necessary to change the law. About it said acting head of the National Bank Ekaterina Rozhkova in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

Today, all involved in the resolution of this issue – the government, KCSA, we are to some extent as the initiator and moderator. I think that given the fact that now everything is included, the problem will be solved. There is a light at the end of the tunnel“, – said the acting head of the NBU.

She also noted that some issues, particularly of a technical nature can be resolved fairly quickly. There are many existing buildings at different stages. And the question is how it all came together and as quickly as possible to finish the homes that were possible.

To give to people and then continue to build what should be built. Again: the solution to this problem is, “- said Rozhkov.

According to her, the Arkada Bank merely acts as a steward of funds construction financing (CFF). The financial institution accounts of these funds and developers.

Everything outside of the Bank, so we have no authority to control it (…) There are several options how you can relatively quickly improve the situation and control, but globally – this legislation, “he added.

Besides, she stressed that the Bank is OK with the capital and more or less normal liquidity. In this case, noting that the problems with the legislation on the primary market do not allow to control it. This also affects the calculations on the launch of the mortgage in Ukraine.

The Fund raised money and donated to the developer, the developer has built, but has not received any permit, the result is not hooked up to the house. It turns out, no one stole nothing, and not particularly broke, and the people of the apartment have not received. And it is now normal not regulated by anyone. Therefore, it is necessary to change the law, “said Rozhkov.

Earlier people’s Deputy Elena Shulyak said UBR.ua that investors in the “Arcade” to the verge to add to the list of defrauded investors. More than 11 thousand families at risk, and to protect them no one can or does not want.

“Because there is completely stopped the funding and construction of 39 residential 25-storey houses, 5 kindergartens and schools“, – the Deputy informed.

The MP said that at the initiative of the Prime Minister Denis Shmyhalou sent a collective appeal with the requirement to create an interagency Commission to solve the problem. The letter was signed by 35 MPs and investors in the “Arcade” that are trying to attract the attention of the authorities, periodically conducting protests.

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