The decision of Poroshenko to restore the missile system is an important step in strengthening the defense.

Решение Порошенко восстанавливать ракетный комплекс - важный шаг в укреплении обороны, - эксперт

Military support of Ukraine by the Western allies rests on the contacts of the President of Petro Poroshenko and his credibility in the international arena. Such a statement on his page in Facebook made a blogger and political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

“The issue of defensibility of the country do for us has become a sad daily occurrence. And in a situation where we are under constant threat of invasion of the Russian Federation, differently simply it is impossible. However, there is a silver lining – in the field of defense, there are serious progress. At the last meeting of the national security Council, President Petro Poroshenko said that we in the mass production came out of modern armored vehicles, drones and already at the start of the serial production of cruise missiles “Neptune”, – wrote the expert.

According to the blogger, it all happens with the active support of Western partners – the countries-participants of NATO and, in particular, the United States, from which Ukraine gets ready weapons, materials needed, military experts and consultants.

“All this international support in fact rests on personal contacts of the President Poroshenko and his credibility among world leaders. I have serious doubts that we would trust the same “Javelin”, if in power was a man of another type and nature, do not have the right qualities,” – said golobutsky.

Since Ukraine is at the start of the production run of the missiles, “Neptune”, the expert believes, the next step will be the restoration of Ukraine’s serious non-nuclear missile system that will be a deterrent for Russia.

“For anybody not a secret that such projects are quite strongly dependent on the position and assistance of our allies. And if a sober judge, it is unlikely that any of Ukrainian politicians, except the incumbent President, will have enough credibility in the international arena, to bring such vision into reality,” – said the analyst.

In addition, according to the blogger, because the Western partners trust Poroshenko, they will not be against the establishment by Ukraine of a serious missile Arsenal.

“But what if all this military power and potential will be in the hands of an unpredictable leader who graciously glances in the direction of Russia? Washington is a direct threat to their interests in the region”, – the expert wrote

According to him, in this case, the United States will do everything not to admit Ukraine to further strengthen and develop combat-ready units that can be used against them.

“Accordingly, and other President is likely not only to “override” any help, but will be hindered. And I have no doubt that it will certainly take advantage of Russia. In the Kremlin are just waiting for our mistakes to turn Ukraine into a testing ground for placing its own missiles aimed at the West. And somehow I have a feeling that many of them will be equipped with nuclear warheads. And all this, certainly not in our interests!” – summed up Alexey golobutsky.

Решение Порошенко восстанавливать ракетный комплекс - важный шаг в укреплении обороны, - эксперт