The decision of the Cabinet about the price of gas for Lugansk thermal power plant prevented a catastrophe in the region, – Plachkov

Решение КМУ о цене на газ для Луганской ТЭС предотвратило катастрофу в области, - Плачков

The decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on reducing the cost of gas for Luganskaya TPP is allowed to avoid rolling blackouts in the Luhansk region. This was stated by former Minister of energy, head of all-Ukrainian energy Assembly Ivan Plachkov.

“This decision will save the region from rolling blackouts. The region is working in isolation rail to deliver from Ukraine to the station coal, no, and from Russia the opportunity to supply coal anymore. The only option for stations working on gas. To ensure that power flows from other regions is impossible, after so many years, it was necessary to intensify the construction of the line 330, which is designed and built. So the only out – gas. But the cost of gas is high, the rates of the national Commission do not provide a break-even operation of the station, and the Cabinet of Ministers decided to reduce the cost of gas for this power station so that the station worked without losses. Profits there is no will. This is the absolutely correct response to the emergency situation in the Luhansk region”, – said Ivan Plachkov.

In his opinion, the recent media criticism of the government’s decision are no more than political speculation.

“When you start to discuss why the government took this decision to reduce gas prices for Lugansk TPP is speculation, it is a dishonest PR, ruthless against the millions of Ukrainian citizens in Lugansk region, who could be left without electricity”, – said Ivan Plachkov.

Energoekspert stressed that the current emergency situation in Luhansk region is not connected with the problems of the station. “The problem is not the station, it is Ukraine’s problem, it needs to be solved at the government level and the government solve it”, – said Ivan Plachkov.

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The head of the VEA also said that to stabilize the energy situation in the region is the construction of the substation Kreminna and power lines, and railroad construction.

“In addition to the substation, need to build a line of energoparitet, and energy are ready to build quickly. But the necessary approvals agencies, and the government should arrange for approval as soon as possible. For the reliability of power supply will then be another source. It is necessary to do. It is also necessary to build the railroad. The first step is to build the power line and the second railroad. It is clear to everyone”, – said Ivan Plachkov.