The defaulters of the alimony clean in the parks of the Dnieper

Неплательщики алиментов убирают в парках Днепра

Revenge parks for 25 hryvnia per hour. Malicious defaulters of the alimony in the river were forced to work off debts.

For two weeks in the Park Nowosadecki men to clean up. How much revenge to settle with your kids? Knows the correspondent of the channel 34.

Vladislav divorced for 14 years. From his first marriage has an adult son and 85,000 hryvnia debt. To pay, said nothing, therefore, fulfills more than two weeks for 8 hours a day.

“Pay what happens. Then, as it turned out, we no one explained you had to go to the Executive service, find out how much you have to pay. My wife and I have had a contract, pay so much, is normal,” – says Vladislav, he fulfills the alimony.

But Alexander does not pay child support because of the conflict with their wives. The man is twice divorced and has a son. The first woman gave the money to hand. In court she is not confirmed. After the second divorce, the funds were sent officially. But received a debt.

“The conversion is incorrect, the debt is growing. I work officially, I believe more. I cry as expected. Give money from hand to hand, that doesn’t count, nobody recognizes, nobody said that”, – says Alexander, who fulfills the alimony.

Alexander court appointed 120 hours of work. For every debtor their time. It depends on the amount of the debt. Public works, the culprits will be able to pay only part of the debt. Temporary workers receive much less than the janitors of the Park – 25 hryvnia per hour.

“If a person deviates and does not perform public works, it administrative Protocol. It is made by an employee of the probation. This Protocol is assigned to an administrative arrest”, – said Inna Anastasiadi, head Novolakskogo regional Department of the branch of state institution “probation Centre”

Now the debt work out 25 men. Director Park says, the customer in good faith.

“The guys that we were papisilla, in principle, very responsible, high quality work. We check from morning until evening, that is, put the problem in the morning and in the evening check. Based on the fact that they have 2 weeks to work, global issues, no.” – the Director of KP “Youth creative Association” Sergey Matusevich.

Money debtors not receive. Through the Executive service, all the money eventually goes to the child.