The Democrats believe that impeachment hearings are more important than the testimony of Bolton, than Biden Jr.

Демократы считают, что в слушаниях по импичменту важнее показания Болтона, чем Байдена младшего

Senate Republicans proposed “exchange”: in response to testimony Bolton, who has no objection to the testimony on impeachment, they would like to hear son ja Biden – hunter Biden. But the Democrats are against because they believe that it is irrelevant to this case. Democrats in the U.S. Senate has rejected as unacceptable the proposal of the Republicans on holding hearings with the son of the former Vice-President of the USA hunter Biden on the case concerning the impeachment of the President in exchange for a statement by a former adviser to trump John Bolton.

The corresponding statement was voiced on Wednesday, several high-ranking Democrats in the U.S. Congress, reports UKRINFORM with reference to The Hill.

“The idea was proposed Republican conservatives who argued its so-called “reciprocity witnesses.” But Democrats rejected any discussion, saying that the allies trump’s require a witness who is not related (to the actions of the President – ed.) in exchange for one who possesses first-hand information about what was done to trump,” – emphasizes the publication.

In this regard, the minority leader of the Senate Charles Schumer said that “witnesses should have something in common” and to testify in the context put forward by the President of the charges in the impeachment process.

The Chairman of the Committee on intelligence of the house of representatives, who is also one of the seven managers in the case of impeachment, Adam Schiff, for his part, called the “inadequate” offer to Republicans to hear the son of Joe Biden. “It’s not like some ridiculous bargain”, – said the legislator.

The Senator from Democrats Chris van HOLLEN generally accused the President of trying to organize a show. “Switching attention to hunter Biden just fits the overall scheme, which promotes a trump,” he stressed.

As reported, on Wednesday in the U.S. Senate is the second day of court hearings in the case concerning the impeachment of the President of the United States.