The dentist has debunked the most famous myths about toothpaste

Стоматолог развенчала самые известные мифы о зубной пасте

Myths about toothpaste gained popularity thanks to advertising, but the dentist has denied many of them.

For a long time people believed that the paste whitens teeth, but dentist Julia selyutina claims that whiten teeth is by the mechanical removal of plaque.

The second myth – paste you need to apply more layer. As it turned out, this does not affect the quality of dental care. Marketers have tried to people quickly used up the tube of toothpaste and ran to buy a new one. An adult would be enough for one pea.

Myth number three – the toothpaste must foam. This does not affect its cleansing properties. Adult pasta add sodium lauryl sulfate (PAR), which can in children to cause allergic reactions. Dentist advised to pay attention to the content in tube.

Mint toothpaste cleans better? No, this is the fourth myth. Mint flavor adds a fresh feeling. You need to pay attention to the lack of plaque after brushing.

Myth five – you need to use only natural toothpaste. The dentist said that herbal ingredients are good for inflammation of the gums, but they are powerless before decay. Julia selyutina recommends that you select a toothpaste with xylitol, calcium compounds and fluoride. You need to have less “chemistry” and more nutrients.

No need to buy toothpaste with fluoride. This is the sixth myth. Fluorine in its pure form is really very dangerous, but toothpaste does not contain it in its pure form. The dentist thinks that fluoride is useful for combating caries.

The seventh myth, one of the most common – colored stripes on the tube indicate the safety of the whole. It is believed that black and red bar indicate that the paste is poisonous, and the green ekoorganika. According to the dentist, the color is only design of the tube and no more.