The Department of health Poltava region purchased bogus equipment browser

Департамент здравоохранения Полтавской области закупил фиктивное оборудование - обозреватель

The Department of health Poltava region has purchased equipment for the training centers and health centers, in particular, “a Virtual system to carry out venipuncture and installing intravenous catheters”. Conditions technical specifications tell us that it should be “a high-tech device to simulate the veins and simulation of the injection needle, which would provide the ability to play and simulate the resistance of skin and tissue during different variants venipuncture”. When the control group came to see the technological marvel in the Central training center on the basis of Poltava hospital, it turned out that this is a USB flash drive, which after joining the computer displayed the usual test question and multiple choice answers.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. According to her, in a tender offer of the supplier was specified the appearance of the system: equipment for catheterization, manipulators, special computer monitor. But something forced the purchaser to pay for and even put into operation a “memory stick” with the tests.

“As consultants, which the RSA within the program pays for 53 thousand UAH per month for a valuable service – to confirm the rationality and necessity of this purchase. With 90% of the contract amount of 1.9 million UAH, the Department of health Poltava regional state administration has already paid after delivery,” notes the analyst.