The dependence on coal is destroying the forest

Зависимость от угля губит лес

In Germany, police arrested 30 activists protesting against deforestation Hambach, located in North Rhine-Westphalia, energy company RWE is engaged in mining brown coal. The evacuation of the camp activists, organized here 5 years ago, began on Thursday, is attended by thousands of police. The guards also block access to the camp of supporters of the movement for the protection of forests.

“We wanted to get there to take part in civil disobedience to stop the felling of trees,” says a supporter of the movement.

One of the protesters told euronews that the police hit him with a baton on the head, but the head of the police squad said that the man slipped and fell.

Energy company RWE submits that from the supply of coal from the quarry Hambach depends 15% of the electricity demand in the region and the seizure of forests threatens the supply nearby power stations and factories on oil refining.

Despite the fact that in the international arena, Germany has taken a tough stance on reducing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, 37% of the country’s electricity was still getting by burning of coal.

Of the visitors observation deck with views of the coal mine said: “Germany is engaged in mass export of electricity. We don’t need to get more coal. Besides, in the quarry on the site of Hambach forest is still a lot of coal. They should leave us surviving 200 hectares of forest Hambach”.

Euronews visited a nearby village, where many residents support the further development of the coal industry. The widow of an employee of the energy company RWE said: “as long as coal, “black gold” is in the ground, it is necessary to get that all worked as it should”.

From a place of events the correspondent euonews Hans van der brelie: “From coal mining in Germany depends 21 thousand jobs. But Germany will never be able to achieve the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, if mining continues. When you close the last coal-fired plants? The question remains open. The German authorities are working on the adoption of this decision”.

Journalist name • Irina Solodkova

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