The deputies brought to Parliament pieces of coal and a hammer

Депутаты принесли в Раду куски угля и отбойный молоток

The constituencies said about the need to support the miners.

The MPs was brought in Parliament the pieces of coal and a jackhammer.

Thus, a number of candidates decided to draw attention to the cash problems of the Ukrainian miners.

“Miner produces the coal with this jackhammer [depth] a thousand meters under the ground. Give us lights, electricity. But today in our country the people who are sitting a thousand meters under the ground, in misery,” said the speakers from the rostrum of the people’s Deputy Serhiy Shakhov.

The deputies wanted the coal remained on the podium for the day, but spokesman Dmitry Razumkov asked to remove it.

“No need to leave here. It is disrespectful to those who will clean up the hall,” he said.