The deputies raised the limits on annual income for “edinschikov” three times

Депутаты повысили лимиты годового дохода для "единщиков " в три раза

The Verkhovna Rada raised the limits of annual income payers “unified” tax – from 300 thousand UAH to 1 million UAH for the first group, with 1.5 million UAH to 5 million UAH for the second and UAH 5 million to 7 million UAH – for the third.

Corresponding changes are contained in a law (No. 3275) with amendments in several legislative acts for additional social and economic guarantees in connection with the distribution of coronavirus disease COVID-2019, which the Parliament adopted on Monday, according to the analysis of a document from KPMG in Ukraine, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

The law also exempts from payment of tax on land and property tax in March 2020, and also gives a delay of payment for April until June 30 without penalty and interest.

“Payment for land (land tax and arendnaya fee for land plots of state and communal property) and tax on immovable property other than land, concerning objects of real estate can be recovered only in March 2020. During the reporting period April 2020 taxes must be paid, but given the opportunity to defer until June 30, 2020 without penalty and interest,” explains senior tax consultant at KPMG in Ukraine Lilia Taran.

However, local authorities can take decision to reduce the rates of local taxes this year.

In addition, the law extended the exemption from customs duties and VAT on import to Ukraine of medicines and medical devices and equipment to counter COVID-19 under the state-approved list – until the last day of the month in which ends the period of quarantine.

The law also introduces exemptions on excise tax. “Introduced interim arrangements for the shipment of ethyl alcohol for the production of disinfectants. From the date of entry into force of the law until may 31, 2020, the excise tax is paid at zero rate for a liter of 100% alcohol from the ethyl alcohol used for the production of dezinficiruyusch funds,” said Lydia Taran.

In the same period, the Parliament authorized the shipment of alcohol for manufacturers of medicines and products for chemical and technical use of disinfectants, the expert added.

The maturity of tax bills issued by the manufacturers or importers of jet fuel and aviation gasoline, which fall in the period from March 1 to may 31, 2020, the law extends until August 15, inclusive.

The law also extended the exemption from fines for violations of the law on the unified social tax and the moratorium on testing, which introduced a law 533, until may 31, 2020.

In addition, the law exempts from liability for late filing and publication of financial reports if it is filed and made public within the next 90 calendar days after the end of the quarantine, but no later than 31 December 2020.