The Deputy from “opsi” Yulia Levochkina in the composition of the PACE Mission observing the elections in Poland

Депутат от "ОПЗЖ" Юлия Левочкина в составе Миссии ПАСЕ наблюдает за выборами в Польше

28 June 2020 in Poland’s presidential elections. The Mission of the PACE assessment of the presidential election became the MP of Ukraine and member of the monitoring Committee of the PACE Yulia liovochkina. About it reports a press-service of political party “Opposition platform For life”

Yulia liovochkina recalled that the Assembly is not carried out observation missions in the Republic of Poland since 1991. In January 2020 at the winter session of the Assembly adopted Resolution 2316(2020), opening a monitoring procedure in respect of the functioning of democratic institutions in Poland. The decision of the Assembly related to problems in the field of guaranteeing the rule of law in connection with the judicial reform, as well as problems in the field of guaranteeing the rights of women, ethnic and sexual minorities in the country.

Poland is the second country after Serbia, which in the conditions of the quarantine restrictions in connection with COVID-19 holds national elections. The pandemic has an impact not only on the election date that was initially planned for 10 may 2020, but also on their format. Due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the country of Poland on the legislative level, adopted a mixed system of voting – voting at polling stations and postal voting, the so-called “absentee voting” in areas where the situation requires it with COVID-19.

The MP also informed that the national electoral Commission of Poland has registered 11 candidates for President. Among the candidates basic competitive advantage is the current President of Poland Andrzej Duda and incumbent mayor of Warsaw rafał Trzaskowski. Moreover, in connection with the pandemic of pre-election campaign was not carried out properly, which greatly restricted the rights of candidates.

The purpose of international observers is to help the country to hold fair, transparent and democratic elections. Such elections are key to public confidence in political processes and, as a consequence, the institutions of power.

Recall, June 28, 2020, the Mission of the PACE assessment of the presidential elections in Poland will observe the opening of polling stations, the voting, including for “absentee ballot”, the process of counting the votes.

Yulia liovochkina became part of the Mission of PACE from the socialist Group and is the only representative of the mission of Ukraine.