The Deputy Prosecutor General reported on the results of the first wave of certification in the GPU

Замгенпрокурора отчитался об итогах первой волны аттестации в ГПУ

The first wave of certification was less than half of the prosecutors.

Ended the first wave of the attestation of prosecutors General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine pursuant to the Law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine on priority measures for the reform of the prosecution.”

This was announced by Deputy Prosecutor General – chief military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak.

“Today was the last day of the first wave of certification of the Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine. Notice this first wave did not start with the grass-roots level, as has happened before in other public bodies to simulate intense activity, and with most of its apex. The Prosecutor General”, – wrote a parody on Facebook.

According to him, the launch of this certification became 1339 prosecutors. After conducting anonymous tests on knowledge of legislation and the General ability of them remained 769.

After the third stage – interview with prosecutors for compliance with prosecutorial ethics, virtue and conformity to style of life of the declared wealth of them left 610.

Thus, not passed certification 729 people.

“Not 5, not 10 and not even 30% and 55,5% of the starting population,” – said the Deputy Prosecutor General.

“Mind you, while prosecutors continued to go to the courts, to participate in investigative actions, to declare suspicions and to refer cases to the appropriate investigative jurisdiction. No corruption scandal has not been the subject of research, because one could not “negotiate” or “buy” a place in the future the Prosecutor’s office. And left such poor and famous all over the country people!”, he added.