The Deputy-the pedophile years preyed on children, and then hiding in Kiev. Exclusive details

Депутат-педофил годами охотился на детей, а потом прятался в Киеве. Эксклюзивные детали

Ex-Deputy of the Severodonetsk city Council (VI convocation) Vladimir Givaga sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for rape and corruption of children in the Luhansk region. In 2012 he was declared wanted, however, arrested the offender after 5 years in Kiev, where he worked on documents of the deceased in Russia brother. During the trial it became known that the pedophile could have stopped much earlier.

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Hiding from the investigation five years

For the first time the Deputy arrested in 2012 – law enforcement officials caught him at home with a little girl, and on the computer Iwagi was a large archive of photos and videos with children.

However, the attacker was released on his own recognizance, which he took immediately left for Kiev. There he lived quietly and worked until 2017, despite the fact that he was declared wanted, including international. It turned out that Givaga was impersonating the deceased in Russia, younger brother.

But a pedophile does not go unpunished only due to the fact that in 2017 came to the attention of employees of protection Department of economy of national police in another case.

The first was the niece

In the case featured six of the affected girls aged 6 to 14 years. The youngest was the niece of the wife of Vladimir.

Proved the first “episode” occurred in 2006 when a child with his mother came to stay in a country house inhabited by her aunt with her husband. Givaga not resist, under the pretext of cleaning the bath called little girl was persuaded to undress, to touch himself and his genitals, and the whole process photographed.

He also persuaded not to say anything to the parents, saying, “let this be our secret”.

Apparently, there was a break in the “communication” with the child in the case file is then referred to the events already in 2010. One spring day Givaga arrived to Severodonetsk school, where she studied the girl, and persuaded to come to his home to watch cartoons, movies, play entertaining computer games, etc. But at home Givaga included 10-year-old niece porn. Then took pictures of her without clothes, forced to touch him.

But this pedophile was not enough, in the same year, he decided that it was time for “grown-up” and raped the child in the unnatural way. After that there were several “meetings” when his uncle, a Deputy forced her to “make love”. In fact – again raped.

At the end of 2010 or early 2011, the girl told her mother about everything. The woman went to the police, came psychologists, talked, asked about what is happening. However, it does not end there.

Recall, at the time Givaga was the acting Deputy and continued to corrupt and raping children.

Method of carrot and stick

Most pedophiles – great psychologists. They are able to reach out to children, to sympathize in any moment and thus included in the trust. The offender acted in the same way.

Plus gave money and taught the girls to alcohol (children drank cognac and beer), and then raped them. Some talked about “the horrors of the first sex” and convinced that he will make everything painless. Persuaded your girlfriend, threatened to meet with the nurse, skillfully and cynically broke the psyche.

Victims in his testimony talked about the fact that he could not leave his country house independently because of the remoteness of the area and the presence of dogs on site. If Givaga absent, it is your Caucasian Ovcharka always unleash.

Also the victim did not tell anything to parents, not to destroy relationships, and not to be punished.

Married to a pedophile

At the hearing my wife told me that she met her future husband at age 15, he was 26. They met in a cafe at the disco, where Givaga came every evening.

She was pregnant, but the man didn’t want children. Over time, the MP bought a house in the village Metëlkino, where they began to live together, but marriage is not officially registered.

The woman believed that Vladimir is so worried about their property, but still got pregnant and gave birth to a son. In that time they have had problems, sex completely stopped after the birth. Givaga said that he had some “problems of an intimate nature”.

When we lived in Metelkina, came to him girl, he said she’s pretty and blonde. Over time, the home computer, the woman began to find photos of young children in the woods next to the machines, which he often changed.

After the first case of the niece wife didn’t believe that her husband could corrupt the child. I found the correspondence in social networks “Vkontakte” and a new photo, but he got out. They say, girls do write and get acquainted, but he “guides them to a path of life.”

Then facts became more and once the wife caught him making out with a young waitress at a local café and filed for divorce. However, there is no evidence that she contacted the police.

PS As told to OBOZREVATEL sources, in 2012, when Vladimir Givaga escaped to Kiev, then closely communicated and was associated to work with countryman, who covered it. He had a “delicious” position in golosiyivska RGA Kiev. But that is another story.

Депутат-педофил годами охотился на детей, а потом прятался в Киеве. Эксклюзивные детали

Депутат-педофил годами охотился на детей, а потом прятался в Киеве. Эксклюзивные детали

Депутат-педофил годами охотился на детей, а потом прятался в Киеве. Эксклюзивные детали

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