The Deputy tried to survive on the “living wage” and for a week I have lost 2 kg

Депутат попытался выжить на «прожиточный минимум» и за неделю похудел на 2 кг

In mid-October, the former Minister of labour and employment of Saratov region Natalia Sokolova said that 3.5 thousand rubles ($53) residents of Russia is sufficient to satisfy the “minimum physiological needs.”

The Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma from the Communist party Nikolai Bondarenko decided to personally check whether you can live on that money a month.

And by the end of the first week came to a disappointing conclusion.

In his blog, the MP says:

“My experiment began with a trip to the poor market in Saratov. But there I was quickly convinced that the prices on the shelves are significantly different from statistics published by Rosstat.

On 875 rubles a week I couldn’t afford almost anything from that list that was prepared. Oil, spices, garlic, cheese was not affordable. Meat was only enough money for a chicken.

I also acquired some of the simplest vegetables (beets, carrots, onions), a little makaroshek, buckwheat, sunflower oil, bread, milk and eggs. The remaining money bought caramels”.

Coming home and laying it all on the table, Bondarenko realized that if to sort the products in seven days, the portions will be very small.

“On the third day of the experiment, the feeling of hunger became my regular companion. From sports had to be abandoned because of poor diet simply does not allow the body to properly recover after a workout. Given that in this mode I have to live another month at best I just get off the weight loss”.

The main purpose of this experiment is to prove to the authorities that funds allocated for pensions and other social payments, allow the person to barely make ends meet.

The second week of the diet also began with a trip to the market. For the purchase of food Bandarenka planned to spend 875 rubles. The Deputy noted that he was forced to buy less bread, less potatoes and sweet, “to take up some more chicken”:

“It’s not about comfort, here is a matter of basic survival, just in any other case, not enough money. I have learned from the first week and realized that I need much more to buy carrots and onions because they ended me fairly quickly.”

As expected, the food experiment affected the weight of the Communist:

“As for my health, I can’t say that I’m falling down, but in General it is extremely unpleasant…

Watch your weight, I last week lost two kilograms. Dump is not wanted. I have such a specific feature of the body: I have for many years held the same weight, that is extremely abnormal for me, when lost for a week on such a nice figure”.

Nikolai Bondarenko – 33-the summer Deputy of the Saratov regional Duma, a member of the Communist party. Works as a Director of Khiminvest, OOO – company for the production of fertilizers.