The details of the incident on Zhukovskogo

Подробности инцидента на Жуковского

Today, April 1, law enforcement officers defused a grenade near the office of “Council of public safety”.

This information was published a press-service GU MVD of Ukraine in Odessa region.

According to law enforcement, a citizen brought it to the office “Council of public safety” for the voluntary surrender of the grenade, which was found in the garage. The social worker reported this to law enforcement.

“On a scene has arrived it is investigative-task force of seaside regional Department of militia and experts-bomb experts, which members of the public voluntarily surrendered the specified subject”, – said the press service.

According to preliminary data, the withdrawn grenade was brand “RGD – 33”, the times of the great Patriotic war. The seized ammunition was sent in scientifically-research ekspertno-the criminalistic center for examination.