The detained participants of the spontaneous protests in Kazakhstan looking for family

Задержанных участников стихийных протестов в Казахстане ищут родные

And on the second day after the election of the President of Kazakhstan in Alma-ATA, continued spontaneous protests of those that believes the elections unfair. The police detained the protesters.

In the night from 10 to 11 June, a large group of people gathered in Alma-ATA near the theatre of traditional arts “Alatau”, and then at the building of Department of internal Affairs. There urgently moved the police and special forces. People protesting against the results of the past in Kazakhstan 9 June presidential election, walked through the city, chanting “Oyan, Qazaqstan!” (“Wake Up, Kazakhstan!”), “Alga, Kazakhstan!” (“Forward, Kazakhstan!”). They were joined by passers-by. According to eyewitnesses, soon began protesting the detention by the police was accompanied by violence by the men in masks.

Protest in Almaty: arrested all the protesters

Spontaneous protests of those who consider the elections of the President of Kazakhstan dishonest, commenced on 9 June. They were the next day mostly in the capital, Nur-Sultan and in the largest city Almaty. And was accompanied, according to human rights activists, mass arrests of participants of peaceful protests.

People, released on Sunday, June 9, to the streets calling for a boycott of the vote, journalists, and just random passers-by security officials detained with violence as they spoke, identification. According to police, just Nur-Sultan and Alma-ATA was detained about 500 people, 400 of them were drawn up administrative protocols. On the second day, June 10, was arrested about 200 people, 150 were drawn up.

Detained for 10 hours or more is not released from the police – did not give them water, didn’t tell relatives that qualifies as abuse, according to Kazakh human rights defenders. According to the staff of the Kazakhstan international Bureau for human rights and rule of law (KIBHR), the police detained in Almaty human rights defender Daniyar Khasenov, poet Rinat Zaitov and journalist ASEM Gabishevo – new activist youth movement “Oyan, Qazaqstan!”.

In a statement the morning of 11 June, official report his version of the incident stated the police Department of Almaty. According to police, the protesters split into several groups. Some in private cars, lined up three or four cars and moving at a reduced speed and zooming, is actually paralyzed the movement of vehicles.

Other, going out on the roadway, blocked traffic and created an emergency situation. Requirement to disperse protesting have ignored, resisted police and was eventually arrested, the statement of the police Department.

“People felt betrayed “

In the words of the employee of the KIBHR Andrei Grishin, protests and arrest their members 10 and 11 June can be described as the residual effects of what happened in the election day. “People felt cheated and therefore took to the streets. Their resentment had to find a way out. And (incident. – Ed.) night and morning on June 11 is more of a spontaneous protest, in General, characterizing the situation in the country. This is a demonstration of the fact that people were tired and decided to Express their dissatisfaction,” he explained to DW Grishin.

All this, in his opinion, has led to increased monitoring by the police, who patrol the streets of Alma-ATA. “This was to be expected. Especially on the eve of the presidential inauguration to be held on June 12. Obviously, the police instructed that the situation everywhere was quiet. Yes and people are scared, many of them still reeling from the harsh actions of the security forces,” added the defender.

His colleague, the observer of the KIBHR Andrei Sviridov told DW that the administrative court met a friend of the publicist who was looking for his son: “She said that the son of night riding home from work and that he was detained together with participants of meeting. The car was found in the impound lot, where it is, in what Department, or detention center is nothing unclear”. Human rights activists do not exclude that, despite rigid control, spontaneous protests in Kazakhstan will continue. And until June 11, the authorities again blocked social networks, mobile communication works with interruptions.

Задержанных участников стихийных протестов в Казахстане ищут родные

Задержанных участников стихийных протестов в Казахстане ищут родные