The developer has created the application that runs the goose game Goose Game Untitled on your desktop

Independent developer Sam Cheat created a Windows application that adds a system of goose-pest Untitled Goose Game. Despite the warning of the author, many users have already installed it on his computer and paid for it.

Perhaps goose and drawn much easier than in Untitled Goose Game, but it definitely can be considered relative to the feathered thief. He does the same than the predecessor, – spoils people’s lives.

What the program does

Gus leaves the screen dirty tracks, steals the cursor pulls the window application, writes a snide note and shows memes. And Yes: it is better not to run video games while on the desktop, wielding harmful goose. Especially competitive.

Goose-rogue in Windows – see the video

Where to download

If someone for some unknown reason still want to settle this terrible bird with a bad temper on your desktop, then you need to download an archive via this link. The program, which will ruin your life, weighs only 3 MB.

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