The developers announced the creation of another game about sonic the hedgehog: details

Разработчики объявили о создании еще одной игры про ежика Соника: детали

Famous game designer Takashi Iizuka confirmed that now the developers are actively working on the next game about the adventures of sonic the hedgehog. Most likely, the game will present no earlier than 2020, but the developers have promised to keep fans up to date on all news.

As reported by PCGamesN, the event was presented a new trailer of the upcoming arcade racing game Sonic Team Racing, which is scheduled to release on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting may 21.

Teaser offered to look at new opportunities to customize the appearance of the hero and the game itself in action. You can customize almost everything concerning the vehicle, from the control and protection up to speed, and color – even the sound.

The trailer for the game Team Sonic Racing-watch the video

But that’s not all. Despite the fact that the presentation didn’t reveal about the upcoming movie about sonic the hedgehog, the participants revealed some details about a series of animated short films that will accompany the launch of the game.

Who is sonic the hedgehog?
This is the main character of a series of games, cartoons and comics. It is antropomorphic hedgehog blue. It was created by artist Naoto Oshima, programmer Yuji Naka and the designer Hirokazu Yasuhara. His name sonic got the ability to run at supersonic speeds (eng. Sonic – “sonic”, “speed of sound”).

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