The developers of the controversial Batman: Reforged apologized to fans

Almost a week after the controversial release of Warcraft III: Reforged, the authors got in touch with the gaming public. Game developers found it necessary to apologize to the audience and revealed further plans regarding the fate of the remake.

Background of the scandal with Warcraft III: Reforged

The scandal erupted after Blizzard released the “improved” version of the insanely popular Warcraft III in the night of 28 to 29 Jan. The players have, to put it mildly, not exactly what expected, because the developers have ignored their promises. Therefore, Blizzard has poured a barrage of criticism, and rating the game on Metacritic has fallen off (he is now approaching zero and is 0.6).

First, Blizzard remained silent and did not comment on the situation. Subsequently, however, the scandal has responded outsource Studio Lemon Sky, which was also accused of low quality remake. Studio, done by the order of Blizzard, said that all graphical elements for which they are responsible, was made on clear instructions of the customer.

Apologies To Blizzard

In the end the company decided to apologize to the fans of the game.

We watched the debate that raged around the game in the last few days. We want to thank you for your feedback and support. For starters, we would like to apologize to all, whose expectations are not met. We will also share our plans for the Reforged,
– said the developers.

Team Blizzard has promised to introduce a number of changes to the game. Here’s what will be fixed first:

  • load distribution servers;
  • the color palette that is different from the original games;
  • portraits, icons, animations, sound bugs and the UI;
  • the game will be a full clan system.

Most of the updates will appear in the game with the nearest patch, the exact date of issue which the developers are not reported – it will happen in the next week. The authors of the game said it is planning long-term support of a remake. In addition, the cut scenes in the game for sure: according to the authors, they decided “not to go too far from the original”.

The trailer for the game Warcraft III: Reforged


However, Blizzard has made it easier return spent money Reforged gamers who do not intend to wait for the hotfix. Now refund can be issued in just a few clicks.

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