The developers of Warface separated from Crytek to open his own Studio

Разработчики Warface отделились от Crytek, чтобы открыть собственную студию

The way Crytek and the team Warface partially disagree – the head of the Kiev branch of Crytek Michael Haimson announced that his team is separated from the parent Studio to start his own.

A new company called Blackwood Games. As reported Haimson, the team has retained the developer composition. The Studio will be responsible for the further development of Warface, as well as for the release of all previously scheduled updates. Executive Director of Crytek , Avni Yerli (Avni Yerli) were only too glad to this event:

“We always watched with admiration as a team of developers Warface implemented the most ambitious and daring ideas. We understand and respect their decision to create their own independent Studio and are confident that this will have a positive impact on the future of Warface and will help to build a more effective work with the publisher. These changes, in turn, will allow us to devote more attention to other projects that are currently in active stages of development”.

Last year, Warface knocked six years. In 2018, the game called for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The lack of popularity of entertainment is not suffering at the moment, the shooter has to its credit 65 million registered users. However, critics and players mixed experiences: the rating on Metacritic – 62 and 4.2, respectively.