The device of the day: a toothbrush that does not need to hold

Interesting device you can buy on AliExpress. It’s a sonic automatic toothbrush AZDENT 360. She can brush her teeth for 45 seconds, the user does not need to manage by hand.

Writes, AZDENT 360 much more functional than their counterparts, because brushing your teeth doesn’t need to hold the device in his hands.

Only need to put paste on the U-shaped brush, choose the desired cleaning mode and place the gadget in your mouth.


Toothbrush is made of silicone and ABS plastic. Also, the device is protected from water standard IPX7. The choice of the owner – four cleaning modes:

  • soft,
  • strong
  • massage,
  • the whitening.

AZDENT 360 can brush your teeth when the user is doing other things. The cleaning process takes less than a minute.

The novelty operates on the battery. It can be charged via USB in 90 minutes.

Девайс дня: зубная щетка, которую не надо держать в руках

Девайс дня: зубная щетка, которую не надо держать в руках

Toothbrush easy to operate


AZDENT 360 can be purchased on AliExpress for $ 16 (370 UAH).

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