The device of the day: automatic umbrella Xiaomi flashlight

Девайс дня: автоматический зонт от Xiaomi с фонариком

Девайс дня: автоматический зонт от Xiaomi с фонариком

Xiaomi company does not cease to amaze interesting development. Now, the manufacturer introduced the original device – the Xiaomi umbrella 90 Points Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella, which is equipped with a flashlight.

This new product was first placed on branded crowdfunding site Youpin, reports Gizmochina.

What an interesting product

Umbrella got a slightly unusual design – it folds automatically, but in the opposite direction. This design works so that water does not drip on the floor or on the owner’s hands when folding after the walk.

Also here are additional useful feature for evening walks – led flashlight in the handle. Its visibility is 10 meters. Agree, this is very convenient, as you have to hold the umbrella in one hand and flashlight in another can be difficult.

In addition, 90 Points Automatic Reverse Folding Umbrella can offer protection not only from rain but from the sun. Because the umbrella has received a special coating with protection factor of UPF 50 sun. The weight of the umbrella is 410 grams.


At the site of crowdfunding the cost of the umbrella 7 dollars (190 USD). In this case, after the start of sales the price will increase to $ 14 (380 UAH).

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