The devil is in the details: what’s interesting in the budget-2020

Дьявол в деталях: что интересного в бюджете-2020

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the state budget for 2020. What do the numbers say and what the details hide the main financial document was investigated by the journalists of channel 24.

Budget-2020 was adopted fairly quickly – unlike the previous years, Ukraine in November won the main financial estimates. However, Parliament was not without verbal attacks and mutual accusations.

The opposition did not vote for the budget and all the responsibility on itself took the presidential faction “servant of the people” plus 19 votes gave the group “For the future” and 20 independent MPs. “European Solidarity”, “Fatherland”, “the Voice” and “Applatform For life” was not given any. They say that a vote for the budget checks the present power majority.

Expectation and reality

The opposition said that the budget does not provide for the increase of social standards, as promised by the government. Defenders of the document from “public Servants” appealed – say, are in a difficult situation, so in the formation of estimates came from the fact that there are.

Economic expert Sergey Fursa in comments 24 channel said that “the budget is quite adequate, and it would be naive to expect him to be a miracle.”

The budget must comply with the state of the Ukrainian economy and not the expectations of the people

notes Fursa.

Positive document experts call its timeliness.

The fact of voting for the budget in November suggests that we are a civilized country,

said channel 24 economist Taras Kozak.

The main budget figures for 2020 / Infographic 24 channel

Decentralization – cancel

One of the main drawbacks of the budget in 2020 called, what it provides for the reduction by almost half subventions to local budgets. In “European solidarity”, said that the new government destroys what they have done.

Moreover, the opposition which was before in power for five years, accused the party “servant of the people” that she wants to click on a local government before the election, reducing their funding.

I want to pick mayors and local councils money that they crawled on his knees to Kiev

says 5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

This approach may be due to the fact that to date, local communities do not belong to the party of “servant of the people”, and are therefore uncontrollable. In this regard, the disbursement will not be controlled by the Central government. The government and the presidential administration, this situation is disadvantageous. So they figured out how to take the local government “on the hook”, shifting the funding of certain programs on their shoulders.

About science forgot

The staff of the four academies – the National Academy of Sciences and of the academies of medical, agricultural and educational Sciences – held a protest action near the Parliament, demanding increase of funding in the industry.

In our country there is a law that guarantees a certain level of funding a particular industry. But such a failure in science, not anywhere. In 2020, according to the law on scientific and scientific-technical activities 1.7% of GDP should go to science. Today’s 0.17% – 10 times less

said shares, the Chairman of trade Union of workers of NASU Anatoly Shirokov.

Don’t give money to large families

The budget also does not provide more assistance to families with more than two children. Earlier on the third and fourth child was allotted up to one and a half thousand hryvnia per month.

In General, experts note that the budget reduced the amount of funds provided for subsidiary programs. It does not take into account the expectations of positive changes in social policy that it would be desirable to perform, taking into account the wishes of ordinary citizens. First of all we are talking about socially vulnerable segments of the population (pensioners, invalid, Chernobyl and the like).

Pros budget-2020

About the positive side of the budget, said on his page in Facebook Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk. He was not particularly original and called the budget of his government – the “development budget” as it did the previous heads of the Cabinet. Among specific steps to be implemented using budget funds, Goncharuk noted the following:

In 2020, Ukraine will be truly free birth, treatment of strokes, heart attacks and treatment of newborns in the framework of madhurani. More ambulance cars, plus the opening in each region of Ukraine of emergency offices to reduce waiting time of arrival at the call. High-quality roads across the country. So, the next year we laid a record amount of funds for infrastructure development. Provided development and maintenance of the Ukrainian airports,and bridges

– says Goncharuk.

The Prime Minister announced the creation of the program “education can do for best results” to improve the quality of education in schools in small towns and villages. Under this program, the government promises incentives for teachers with 10 years of experience in the form of annual financial support – 21 thousand hryvnias.

Дьявол в деталях: что интересного в бюджете-2020