The difficulty level of mining bitcoin has reached a record level of 17.3 trillion

Уровень сложности майнинга биткоина достиг рекордного уровня в 17,3 трлн

Just two months after halving bitcoin, which was held in may, Hasrat bitcoin and the difficulty of mining the main cryptocurrency reaches new highs.

After last week it reached a record high level of Hasrat bitcoin last difficulty adjustment changed to + of 9.89%, which led today 13 July to a new record high of more than 17.3 trillion. It is reported by Cointelegraph.

Despite the lack of significant price movements in bitcoin (Bitcoin, BTC), the foundations of security, providing network, such as reliable as before. This is more positive news for investors concerned about the previous fall Hasrat and complexity of mining after a third halving.

Of fears of unjustified halving

Some analysts predicted that halving, will lead to a mass surrender on the part of the miners.

Immediately after halving there has been a significant drop in the speed of hashing, followed by twice reducing complexity mining bitcoin. But the increasing level of difficulty by 14.95% in the last month almost changed the previous two downs.

Because the speed and complexity Hasrat now at historic highs, any concern about the influence of halving now seem unfounded.

One block in 10 minutes

The mining difficulty is adjusted every two weeks automatically, or every 2016 blocks to new blocks were made on average every 10 minutes.

Usually the level of difficulty varies depending on Hasrat (increase the capacity of the hash means fast production of the block, so the difficulty should also be increased), although the General trend tends to increase.

Higher complexity can also affect the profitability of mining, which some miner sell. When this happens, it can potentially reduce it again Hasrat.

Earlier Coinews wrote that bitcoin has slowed, prompting a surge of unconfirmed transactions and the increase in fees.

Portal Coinews, we reported that a positive correlation with the stock VTS continues with the primary cryptocurrency attracts investors, against the backdrop of increasing world stocks.

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