The Director of a controversial film about Ukraine Oliver stone wanted to be the godfather of Putin

Режиссер скандального фильма об Украине Оливер Стоун захотел быть кумом Путина

The author of another scandalous film about Ukraine, American film Director Oliver stone wittingly or unwittingly lifted the curtain on the real purpose of his kinodeyateley.

Oscar-winning Director, is a successful filmmaker, a man without any principles, the past from right-wing to full recognition of left ideas. His throwing reflected in his films, which, having dokumentalnoy basis, however, those are not because created in favor of someone or something. And if you trace his supposedly candid interviews with the leaders (Fidel Castro, of whom he made several films, Putin, Chavez and others), we can observe that the position it comfortable for his counterpart, he never asks poignant questions, and shows the events solely for the sake of it. It is essential here is only that which removed not actors. And if once the stone was removed really talented and ostropoliticheskie movies, now 72-year-old Director sees his task to be as close as possible to the powers that be.

The controversial film, named for the Ukrainian products, which did not take place, “Discovering Ukraine”, presents an exclusively Russian and Pro-Russian point of view on the events in the Donbass. The bias and manipulation, and even outright lies inherent in the other films of stone on Ukraine, which he now releases all the time, very clearly demonstrate his commitment to the Kremlin propaganda and the desire to reverse the opinion of the world community Putin and his satellites in Ukraine, distorting the real history of relations between Russia-Ukraine. It is clearly visible that raises doubts about the cleanliness of the shooting, not to mention the fact that allegedly attempt to understand what is happening in Ukraine is to charge the Ukrainians the right to defend their country, its integrity and its right to choose its own path and market order, though veiled.

The Kremlin leader himself is so lovely stone that he had asked Putin in the new big interview to be the godfather of his 22-year-old daughter. The fact that he is now a Buddhist, an adult and fully independent in religious affiliation daughter, not Orthodox (stone comes from the family few of the faithful Jew and a French Catholic who sent his son to an Evangelical school), not an obstacle for him. The main thing – to become the godfather of the leader of a powerful country. And fit the desired format can all – as films and his own daughter.

The press service of the Kremlin has published the transcript of a conversation. This moment looked like.

“O. stone: And how many children are You the godfather?

Vladimir Putin: I won’t call the number, but a few people.

O. Stone: That 100? 300?

Vladimir Putin: No, well, no, no, of course not. Unit.

O. stone: In that case, I would ask You to be godfather to my daughter.

Vladimir Putin: She wants to be Orthodox?

O. stone: We’ll do it.

Vladimir Putin: But we need to ask her.

O. stone: If only she will be in the Church.

Vladimir Putin: Of Course. How old is she?

O. stone: 22 years.

Vladimir Putin: It is relevant to any denomination?

O. stone: Yes, she is a believer, brought up in the Christian tradition”…