The Director of the Melitopol school did not pay employee salary

Директор мелитопольской школы не доплачивал сотрудником зарплату

The Director of the Melitopol school № 1 was made the administrative Protocol on violation of the labour law. The head of the institution approves the load on the cleaners in excess without additional pay.

The staffing table approved for similar organizations, the Technicals have been serviced not more than 500 square meters excluding cleaning of the walls, Windows, panels. In fact they performed more work.

The liability for such violation provided by article 41 of the Cao, it officials face a fine of 30 to 100 tax-free minima of the income (from 510 to 1700 UAH). Similar offense, committed against a pregnant woman, a single mother, or minor is punishable by a fine of 100 to 300 untaxed minimum.

Melitopol court recently examined the case and heard the defendant. The offender repented of their deeds, reported that actions are taken to correct the violations and asked the court to release him from administrative liability.

The court went to meet the head of school and decided to limit oral remarks.