The Director showed the video of the Xiaomi Mi10 Pro

In the Internet appeared the video, which was filmed on camera the new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi10 Pro. The device fell into the hands of the Director and photographer Luis Guanzon that took smartphone short film in 4K resolution.

The details of the shooting

To test the capabilities of the camera device, the Director shot the video in various lighting conditions, including a metro station. This gave him an insight into the operation of the sensors of the gadget.

It should be noted that the survey was probably conducted with the use of tripods and other equipment, so the picture quality may differ from the everyday user experience when recording video on a smartphone. In addition, the video was compressed by YouTube algorithms when you publish.

As for the camera, Xiaomi Mi10 Pro – watch the video

Features and camera features

Note camera Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro consists of four sensors, including the main with a resolution of 108 Megapixels, 8-megapixel telephoto lens, for portrait module 12 MP with optical zoom function and the auxiliary sensor 20 MP with wide-angle lens.

The flagship also supports a special mode of shooting “the preservation of the portrait.” When it is activated artificial intelligence keeps track of a person, leaving him in color and the other part of the picture makes the black-and-white.

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