The disappearance of children: Ukraine proposed to simplify search methods

Исчезновение детей: Украине предложили упростить методы поиска

Ukrainians are asked to sign a petition to simplify the search procedure by police officers for missing children.

As told to OBOZREVATEL, the author of the petition, the Dean of the faculty of postal and telecommunications Kharkiv national University of internal Affairs Vyacheslav Markov, we are talking about operational data is received from a mobile device.

At the time of the disappearance, many children have a phone or smartphone. Mobile operators have the technical ability to provide police information about where the phone was before the disappearance, after being disconnected from whom the child received messages or calls.

“Law enforcement agencies get this information, but due to a series technical and bureaucratic procedures time can take several days,” – said Markov.

He noted that, in accordance with international practice, if the whereabouts of the child were not established within the first hours – days after the disappearance, the probability of finding him alive decreases significantly.

To use the simplified procedure for obtaining data from the mobile device interferes with legislation that stipulates that such information may be transmitted by mobile operators to the police only by court order.

According to Markov, it is necessary to consider amendments to the criminal procedural code of Ukraine in part of granting law enforcement the right to:

– implementation of a consensual (the agreement of the official representatives of the missing child) establish the location of the phone;

interception of data from transport telecommunication networks without a court order.

He also added that the procedure for obtaining the data relates only to children. The same law enforcement officers who will try to use the learn procedure to other persons will be prosecuted.

Исчезновение детей: Украине предложили упростить методы поиска

Исчезновение детей: Украине предложили упростить методы поиска