The disappearance of Hackage: got proof?

Исчезновение Хашкаджи: есть доказательства?

Turkish investigators found evidence of the murder of a prominent Saudi Journalist Jamal Kalkaji blagodara records on his watch of apple. It is reported by Pro-government Turkish newspaper Daily Saba. The device has been synced with the phone, which the journalist left his bride before you go to the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul.

Aaron Blake, a senior political correspondent for The Washington Post, says: “it Seems that there is compelling evidence that can be presented to the General public. The question is, when will it be done? The Turkish authorities claim. they have video and audio recordings, and American intelligence intercepted the figures, according to which it can be assumed that the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia involved in attempts to lure Kalkaji back to Saudi Arabia”.

On the eve of the newspaper the Washington Post reported that Turkish authorities have demonstrated to the American law enforcement videos, which prove that the missing journalist was killed. Riyadh denies any involvement in the incident.

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