The Dnipropetrovsk man smashed with a stone window of a grocery store

На Днепропетровщине мужчина разбил камнем витрину продуктового магазина

The attacker smashed with a stone window of the shop and tried to cause bodily harm to seller. Powered by the button “emergency call police” the man was immediately detained.

This IA “most-DNEPR” police protection in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

“At 20:41 o’clock in the evening on the panel of the centralized supervision of the police protection in Dnipropetrovsk region received the Alarm signal from the protected grocery shop down the street Big shops.

Quickly arriving at the object, outfit response Novomoskovsk on Department noticed a man in an inadequate state. According to the seller, before the closing of the store, the woman scared the loud crash of glass. As it turned out, the attacker, for unknown reasons, a large stone broke the window.

On the remark of the woman, the offender reacted aggressively threatened and even tried to strike. The woman immediately pressed the “emergency call police”. The arrival of the officers the poor barely managed to avoid a beating.

Law enforcement officers pacified citizen and taken to the Novomoskovsk police Department. He was a local resident 1959, which was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility.

On a scene caused it is investigative – operativno group. Incident is registered and qualified under article 194 (Intentional destruction or damage of property) of the Criminal code of Ukraine”, – stated in the message.